Apps Development and UI


Mobile applications are computer programs or computer software that enable the user to use different functions on their mobile devices like phones, tablets and watches. With a great demand for newer, better, faster apps of varying types, app development is immensely important.

Newer kinds of apps have become popular like GPS or Global Positioning System or some other mapping systems, order tracking, online and offline mobile games, reservations and tickets bookings, online shopping. Now, it has gone to the point where the world would not be the same if all these things ceased to exist. That is why application development is much needed. To develop an app, a system UI is quite essential.

What is a UI?

UI or User Interface is absolutely necessary for the development of applications programs and systems. A UI fills the gap between users and computers with possible features for interaction. It is used for allowing a user and a system to interact with each other. The user is always the central focus of UI systems.

What factors does a UI consider?

It considers screen outputs, input, mobility, contexts and constraints. The mobile UI contexts involve signal cues for the user’s activity. The mobile UI constraints include limited attention and intractable space for the user’s hands—basically any limitations or restraints between the user and computer interactions. The UI considers both hardware and software.

The input allows the user to enter information into the system and use it accordingly to their will. The output allows the user to see and understand the effects of their actions and how the system works. The mobile UI design prioritizes a good user interaction with the system that is easy to use and understand.

UIs are formed of more than 1 or added layers. Their layers may include:

  • Human Machine Interface or HMI: 
    • This is an interface that has machines with hardware input that’s physical such as a mouse, keyboard, gamepads. The output hardware, on the other hand, consists of screens, speakers and headphones.
  • Human Interface Device or HID:
    • The device that allows HMI to be implemented is an HID or a Human Interface Device. An HID is also known as an MMI or Man-Machine Interface. More UI layers may cause the user to experience one or many external sensory such as touch by tactile UI, sight by visual UI, sound by auditory UI, smell by olfactory UI, balance by equilibria UI, and taste by gustatory UI.
  • Composite User Interfaces or CUI: 
    • CUIs are UIs that provide sensory stimulus through two senses or more. A Graphical User Interface or GUI is the most common form of a CUI. It combines touch and sound in one, using a tactile UI and a visual UI. They display graphics. A Multimedia User Interface or MUI adds sound to the mix, composing sound, touch and visual sensory. MUI, therefore, uses visual UI, auditory UI and tactile UI.

A CUI can be classified into three categories;

    • Standard: A standard CUI uses a human keyboard, mouse and screen for human interface.
    • Virtual: The CUI uses a virtual reality simulator to block out the actual world to build the virtual world.
    • Augmented: In Augmented reality, the real world is not blocked out at all. The CUI uses an augmented reality interface to create an augmented reality.

When a CUI adheres to all sensory stimulus of the user, it is known as a qualia interface. A qualia interface is named after the qualia theory.

Virtual reality also is classified as per the number of sensory stimuli they adhere to. Accordingly, they can be classified as either an X sense virtual reality interface or an X sense augmented interface. Here, X refers to the number of UI senses provides. Some examples of this include:

  • Smell O Vision: The Smell O Vision is a Standard CUI with three senses (3S) that being virtual UI, sound UI, and smell UI.

Virtual reality with smell and touch, along with visuals and sound, is called a four sense (4S) virtual reality interface. An augmented reality interface, with smells and touch, along with visuals and sound, is also called a four sense (4S) augmented reality interface.

Human factors are incorporated into the system by tools in the interface design. UI interactions are enhanced by ergonomics. These tools are used as per the understanding of computer science, which includes computer graphics, operating systems and computer languages. Nowadays, nearly all interfaces now are Graphical Users Interfaces or GUIs as nearly everything interacts between humans and computers using graphics.

Users can interact with more further than one modality of user input through multimodal user interfaces.

What are the Types of Mobile Apps and Programming Languages?


In this article, we will discuss what is mobile app development and what are types of apps and programming language. Also, we will discuss what the app development process is.

What are mobile app development and its importance?

This is the kind of software that is known to be installed on mobile phones and run on them. This software allows them to use its unique features and hardware for better usage of their devices. There are mostly three types of apps that you can find on the internet which are there.

There are HTML5 apps, hybrid apps, and also there are native apps that can e installed on mobile phones. The app development for the mobile industry has reached the mark of $600 billion in the year 2020. Due to the popularity of smartphones in the market, these kinds of apps are also becoming popular.

Mobile apps have become an essential thing to have by everyone smartphone user due to their capability. Another kind of industry growth in the market is the gaming industry. This is because due to the rise in people having smartphones, they have decided to make mobile games.

That is why many companies are making mobile games for people to enjoy. The creation of mobile software has come from its old traditional roots that are from software development. The software on mobiles has a unique feature and thing which needs the hardware of the mobile device. This means that these apps use mobile hardware to render everything to the user too clearly.

If you are making software on a PC, then you have to make it so that it fits the whole screen and can be minimized. But for mobile phones, there need to capture the whole screen to get the viewers’ attention.

What are mobile app considerations, and what is SDK?


Solving the problem of the device at any given point in time depends on developing the app natively. This means that they need to design and make the code good for different kinds of usages. For iOS, the developer will only need few tools to develop the application and then launch it.

This app will only be available on the iPhone and the iPad as there are iOS devices. But for Android devices, each phone runs on different kinds of hardware and various versions of the OS. There is also a web-based app that does not depend on any device or web browser.

This makes them cheaper to develop and also easier to access, but their performance is not like native apps. If you use web apps, then you will not be able to use the phone features on that browser. SDK is also known as Software Development Kit and is very popular in the market.

This is because this is that thing that is used to make the program and the apps. The iOS and Android both have different kind of SDK which they can use in the market to make apps and OS.

What are the types of mobile apps and programming languages?

Given below is the list of some commonly used mobile apps and programming languages.

  • Native apps

These are the apps that are created for a specific platform like IOS or Android in the market. These are created by software developing tools and programming languages supported by the different OS.

  • HTML5 apps

This is the software development that is based on web technology like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. Apps which are made in this framework are compatible with many platforms in the market.

These are the apps that are created using a mixture of HTML5 and also native apps together. It allows the app to be used in a native phone as well as in the new phones with the new OS in the market.

What is the app development process?

Here is the list which you can use to do an app development process on your own.

  • Idea

The first thing is that you will need an idea of which kind of app that you want to create in the market.

  • Design

The next step is that you have to design the UI and the UX of that app.

  • Development

This is the step where you have to write the code for your app and test it out.

  • Launch

The next step is that if it’s ready, then you have to launch it in the market for use.

What are the Emerging Trends for Mobile App Development?

In this article, we will discuss the different emerging trends for mobile app development are.

Also, we will discuss why are people using more phones over the years and other services you can benefit from.

Why do people use mobile phones in the past?

Mobile phones are the things which were used earlier as a communications device by people.

This means that to eliminate the payphones and the dial phone, they made these mobile phones.

These were much smaller in size and also very compact and can be carried anywhere.

This means that the people in the earlier days could fit these phones in their pockets and their purses.

This is because it would take only a little place or space in the bag leaving room for many things.

Another thing is that the bill for this kind of phone was much less than the dial phone or the payphones.

This means that this phone also had a monthly bill system like the other which you had to pay.

If you o not pay the bill, then your next month’s ability to call someone will be gone.

This means that you can keep your phone, but you cannot make or receive calls from people.

This kept going on, and there was the creation of the first smartphone in the market.

This phone had a touch screen system and was released at the start of the 20th century.

This is the time where people had the option of downloading apps on their smartphone and use them.

This means that there were apps on social media like Facebook and other apps that were old.

Another new thing that was added is that these phones had a storage facility and an inbuilt camera.

You can use the camera to click pictures and use the storage to store photos, videos, and also apps.

Then slowly, in the year 2016, due to the evolution of technology, many people and small kids had mobile phones.

How are mobile phones used in the present?

There are many or almost everyone in the world that own a mobile phone of their own in the present.

This means that even the children who aren’t above 18 years of age have their mobile phones.

There are many uses that people have for their mobile phones, and that is making called, texts and also mails.

Another common thing for which the people use their phone commonly that to every day.

This is they use it for scrolling through and checking the social media along with playing mobile games.

Mobile gaming is becoming a big phenomenon in the market, and people are attracted to it.

This means that it is a good thing to have a mobile phone, but if you use it properly, then it is good.

This means that mobile phones should be given to those people who have the correct use for them.

This is because technology is being misused nowadays that too at a large rate.

This is because some people buy a phone for their kid to keep them engaged and avoid them from disturbing.

This is wrong as many children have fallen under the influence of bad habits due to people online.

What are the emerging mobile app development trends?

Given below is the list of the emerging app development that is rising in the world.

  •  Artificial intelligence and machine learning

This means that these mobile phones are being used by people to create use for AI and machine learning.

This is because there is a huge demand due to the presence of children in large numbers on the internet.

  • Blockchain technology

This is the technology that is used by businesses to manage their finance and other things.

Due to the technological evolution, many companies are making their blockchain online.

  •  On-demand apps

These are the apps that allow the company and customers to communicate with each other.

These apps have been growing in demand recently due to the rise in the trend of online shopping.

  •  The dominance of wearable apps

The wearable apps mean the smartwatch which is being created and can connect to the phone.

This means that these watches can connect to the phone using Bluetooth and tell different things and uses.

  •  Virtual reality and augmented reality

These are the two types of reality that have been made new and are in great demand.

This is because they are being used in making new kinds of VR games as well as AR is used for teaching.